Indian Pond Country Club

60 Country Club Way
Kingston , MA 02364
Phone: 781-585-9117
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Start with cocktails in the grand foyer, featuring vaulted ceilings, Italian chandeliers, and an outdoor terrace overlooking the rolling green hills, pond and fountain, then move on to dinner in the stately Grand Ballroom, displaying an expansive wall of windows with panoramic views, and a floor to ceiling marble fireplace. For breathtaking photos, take advantage of the graceful stone bridge that stretches over the pond, offsetting a plush, green course.

User Reviews (2) :
Cici, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to submit a review about your experience with our business. At Indian Pond Country Club we do pride ourselves on excellent service and great food, I am sorry to hear that you do not feel you received either. I can assure you that had we known there was an issue with the food during your event we would have done everything possible to correct the mistake. We are proud of our dedicated senior staff that provides gracious service and impeccable attention to all details including ensuring that all food is cooked thoroughly and to the liking of our guests. All chicken entrees are cooked to 165F to ensure that all food safety practices are followed through. I again apologize that you were less than satisfied with the food at your reception. Congratulations on your recent nuptials, wishing you and your husband the very best!
Posted by Colleen: Nov. November 18th, 2010 at 3:32 PM
Beautiful place - FOOD WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! What a major disappointment!!! We paid $54/plate for RAW chicken! We chose the chicken saltimbocca and scrod for our main entrees. Both came with mashed potatoes and bundled vegetables. The scrod was flavorless and cold. The mashed pototoes were ROCK HARD, ice cold and not edible. You could literally cut it with a knife! Virtually ALL of our 250 guests complained about the food. Just about everyone we asked said their chicken was DISGUSTING and they did not eat it. The chicken was fatty, undercooked, and absolutely gross!! Still PINK inside! I wouldn't serve it to a dog. Everyone got their food served to them cold. I've had better food at Venus de Milo and venues that are much less expensive than Indian Pond. I can't believe for all the money we spent there (OVER $20K) that was the end result. And when I complained to the venue their response was "There's nothing we can do". The two most important things that make a wedding great are (1) THE FOOD and (2) THE D.J. These are the things your guests remember the most. So if you want to be satisfied with the food for your guests, I would be weary of choosing Indian Pond. HUGE, HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!
Posted by Cici: Oct. October 27th, 2010 at 1:00 PM
Omg. I'm waiting for "Ain't nothin' wrong with bein' a little gay."

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