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Simply Inviting Weddings specializes in all facets of customized wedding planning to suit your individual style and preferences. The team offers full-service coordination, design consultation, and a la carte services to help you create an overall vision for your perfect day.

User Reviews (1) :
I hired Heather upon the recommendation of a close co-worker. What a disappointment. Unfortunately many mistakes were made. Only to name a few: 1. During the introductions, she lined up the parents incorrectly and they were introduced by the wrong names. Since I had not been introduced yet, I was not aware of this mistake. Heather never told me of this mistake and never attempted to correct it. Instead I found out an hour later by my guests. 2. My dress came apart at the cocktail reception. It was the waist of the dress which came apart. I asked Heather if she could sew it and her response what that she did not know how. Shouldn't a wedding planner be prepared to handle these situations??? After the wedding I called the dress shop to have my dress looked at and I was told that Heather had the seamstress cell number that evening and that she would have come over to repair the dress. As I was crying and frustrated in the bathroom trying to repair this dress, Heather could have made a phone call but for whatever reason choose not to do so. 3. Weddings are all about the small annoying details. Heather is not detailed oriented. I found myself doing a lot of the work which I would have expected a wedding planner to do. Specifically I was the one to do a seating chart, a cost/expense sheet, the drafts/proof reading of the church programs, etc.... 4. I unfortunately did not trust that Heather was working for me. I would ask her for suggestions of vendor and quotes, which she provided, however after only 5 minutes of internet research myself I found significantly cheaper vendors (more than $250) After that, I had to do all the research myself to ensure that I was getting a good deal. She did suggest a great photographer, Zev Fisher, and a great hair person, Jennifer Fusco. As I stated earlier, these are only a few of my complaints. If I could do it all over again, I would have used her $6,000 fee towards my honeymoon. Personally I found Heather to be a pleasant person however I do not think wedding planning is her calling. Hope this helps.
Posted by Alexandra: Jul. July 20th, 2010 at 5:16 PM
Omg. I'm waiting for "Ain't nothin' wrong with bein' a little gay."

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