Tipped Off

Boston bars can be tough to crack. But there's a method to the
madness. If you often find yourself waiting too long to get the
bartender's attention, read on.

Rule 1: Pay attention. Sure, it's tough when you're
marinated in martinis. But many bartenders follow the “loop,” starting
at one end of the bar and filling drink orders down the line, before
reversing direction. Watch closely, then slot yourself into the loop.

Rule 2: Wave cash. Yes, it's showy, but the
mixologists aren't back there muddling mojitos for fun. They're in it
for the money. A $20 bill pinched between two fingers is sure to get

Rule 3: Don't be a jerk. Bartenders universally ignore
customers who snap their fingers. And they never, ever respond to “Hey,
you!” As you're standing three-deep at the bar, remember that the
'tender is tossing drinks for other patrons, too. You might be rewarded
for your patience.