Homefront: Face Value

Boston architect Jeremiah Eck comes face to face with what gives a house character and personality.

If you ever thought shutters looked like eyelids, you’re not alone. Boston native and architect Jeremiah Eck compares doors to noses and windows to eyes in his latest book, The Face of Home: A New Way to Look at the Outside of Your House (Taunton Press, 2006).

The book, which explores homes across the country (with a notable stop in neighboring Lincoln), uses Eck’s metaphor of “the face of home” to inspect and explain the relationship between the exterior and interior of homes. The architect argues that every home, like every person, has the same essential elements, but all are unique and deserve to be appreciated for more than what they have to offer superficially. Eck’s journey leads to an understanding that houses, like people, can wear different faces.

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