Pre-Wedding Honeymoon

After all the planning and the stress and the conflict, it’s time to take a step back and remember why you wanted to marry this man in the first place. (Remember that?)

“For so many couples throughout the process, their primary communication is about the wedding,” says Tasha Bracken, a wedding planner at Simple Details in Waban. “So I stress to my clients to take a few days off before the wedding to relax, just the two of you.”

Beverly Ann Bonner, a master bridal consultant at Norwood’s The Wedding Beautiful, thinks it’s so important to reconnect that she actually builds it into her clients’ planning timeline. “I actually write, on the month before, to have a romantic evening out,” she says. “You need to remember why you’re doing it all in the first place.”

While some of their clients book long weekends to the Bahamas before the Big Day, the point is to just spend some time together talking about anything (even the Red Sox) other than the wedding planning. Do something you both enjoy, like getting a massage, escaping to a B&B, or enjoying a ski weekend. “Even if you can’t get away, make vows to each other to go out and have a nice dinner and not talk about anything to do with the wedding,” says Bracken. “Even if it’s just for a day.”