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On the website for Boxx Furniture, slick animated graphics and funky intro music

On the website for Boxx Furniture, slick animated graphics and funky intro music make it easy to miss this South End company’s milder alter ego as a tasteful purveyor of minimalist custom furnishings. But that’s exactly what it is.

Venezuelan designer Jose Pascual, one-half of the Boxx team, finds inspiration in nature and simple, everyday life for the sturdy, stainless steel and glass furniture he produces with his partner,
Phillip Winston.

This warm, modern design comes naturally for Pascual, a one-time painter who came to Boston to study graphic design and who still sketches the designs for his tables, benches, shelves and other pieces using pencil and paper rather than computers.

It was during his years at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, that he fell for the practical art of furniture design. He has since done interiors for a number of Newbury Street salons, including Ecocentrix (now Salon Marc Harris) and Safar.

Pascual opened Boxx to focus on residential design. “I love that people live with these pieces,” he says.
Spare lines and clean surfaces mark pieces like the glass-topped T-102 table and the Boxx Double Side bench, maintaining modern simplicity without appearing stark. Added warmth arrives subtly in the diffuse finish of the stainless-steel underpinnings of the T-102 and the Loft mirror, and in the glowing hues of translucent glass tabletops.

One new table, Landscape, shows Pascual’s interest in architecture with a steel base that mimics a cityscape. Another, Holding, follows the designer’s new interest in rounded shapes. “The base mimics a body with two hands spread out,” he says. “It’s holding the circle, which is the tabletop—and the world.”

BOXX FURNITURE, 46 Waltham St., showroom 210, Boston 617-556-2699,