City Style: Out of This World

Cape-based celeb astrology consultants Starsky & Cox are mapping out a future as jewelry designers.

The collective goal of zodiac gurus Quinn Cox and Stella Starsky—“to renovate the world through love”—may raise eyebrows among skeptical, astrology-averse types. But it’s clear this stylish husband-and-wife team isn’t your everyday voice of enlightenment. Since the release of their 2004 book, Sextrology, a guide to finding sexual compatibility via the zodiac chart, the self-described “crazy and nutty” Cape residents have cultivated a high-fashion following, counting as fans the likes of Sofia Coppola and Karl Lagerfeld, not to mention countless magazine editors who rely on the pair’s celestial insights every month for horoscope columns.

Their latest endeavor, a jewelry line called AsterCast created with New York jewelry designers Ten Thousand Things, mixes the business-minded pair’s dual interests. “We wondered, How can we grow the brand without conflicting with our purpose?” says Starsky, who’s dishy but warm, and can name the sign of a new friend within minutes. The collection features an 18-karat gold, five-charm “stellium” necklace for each of the 12 zodiac signs. The charms, which together are meant to reflect the wearer’s personality, are composed of colored enamel disks (blue for Aquarius, green for Taurus) and precious and semiprecious stones (Leo’s has a peridot, while Scorpio’s comes with a tourmaline) and can be upgraded with pavé diamonds. Locally available exclusively at Louis Boston, the line also includes 18-karat gold astrological ID tags suitable for men and women (Cox wears a tag in his sign, Libra). “We knew the sort of fetishistic feeling we wanted the line to have,” Starsky says. “For us, it’s the weirder the better in anything we do—as long as it doesn’t involve pain.”