City Style: Fits of Pleasure

True Jeans takes the hurt out of your hunt for flattering denim.

We shop online for shoes, bags, jewelry. But jeans? Impossible. Instead, we spend Sunday afternoons trying them on in coffinlike department-store dressing rooms, only to leave feeling fat and less than satisfied—and $200 in the hole. Now the new Woburn-based online store True Jeans ( promises to all but eliminate that drama by delivering perfect-fit denim right to your door. Founded by a pair of Babson M.B.A.s, the high-tech but user-friendly website asks visitors a few questions about their size and desired style, then uses complex algorithms to find the best denim match. After submitting our measurements and declaring a preference for snug, low-rise jeans with a skinny leg, the True Jeans genie offered up pairs from Wrangler, Blue Cult, and Odyn—just a few of the store’s 20-plus brands—along with helpful photos of how we might look from every angle. And though the suggested Wranglers were a whopping two sizes up from our usual, when they arrived two days later they fit like a charm.