City Style: What’s in Store: Bird by Bird

Big style for small fry lands in Cambridge.

Frazzled, crumb-covered-toddler-toting mommies may hesitate to bring the brood into Inman Square’s new rugrat outfitter, Bird by Bird. The tiny, meticulously organized boutique—with sleeper suits and pajama sets crisply folded in pristine piles, and circling salesclerks intent on keeping them that way—hardly suggests a hands-on shopping experience, especially if those hands are covered in Go-Gurt.

But the affordable prices and fun selection of brightly colored rompers, miniature sweaters, and graphic T-shirts are decidedly welcoming. Stock up on staples perfect for the offspring of Cambridge’s yupster set, including hand-decorated hats and spill-friendly cotton tees and onesies branded with slogans like “Queen Bee” and “Cuter than Suri,” and you’ll leave knowing the trip was worth calling the sitter for.

1361 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617-497-1361,