Ban Leader

Can one man’s crusade clear our arteries?

One in five heart attacks is caused by the trans fat in food. That’s why state Representative Peter Koutoujian has introduced legislation to ban it from restaurants statewide. We get the skinny from the Waltham rep.

Why do we need a bill to tell us what to eat? People have a right to know the food they eat is healthy. I’ve been aware of the perils of trans fat for years, but until New York took strong action [to ban trans fat], a ban here was too crazy to think about.

Will it fly? Many say it’s their business what they eat, but I don’t think they understand how bad trans fat is for them. The more we speak about it, the more the consciousness is raised…plus, the restaurant industry—Legal Sea Foods, Uno’s, Au Bon Pain—is already moving in that direction.

But will French fries still taste good? Trans fat enhances only a product’s shelf life, not its flavor.

What food will you miss most? Double Stuf Oreos are my guilty pleasure. But even they’ve gotten rid of trans fat. I still only eat them occasionally. It’s always about moderation.