The Dish: Dandy Bar

A Bark that’s worth every bite.

People may say they go to the Berkshires to get away from it all, but they still crave their creature comforts. That’s why Great Barrington’s gourmet food store, Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, is the go-to outpost for Moroccan roasted salmon, raspberry oatmeal bars—and Berkshire Bark, its marquee confection. Since its 2006 launch, this line of Belgian chocolate, blended with generous quantities of fruits, nuts, and spices into sturdy, textured bars, has grown so popular that chefs Kevin Schmitz and David Renner agreed at last to ramp up production to sate sweet tooths beyond western Massachusetts. White Lightning—cavity-inducing chunks of sugared ginger in white chocolate—is a little much, even for us. But we’re glad the semisweet Midnight Harvest, with whole almonds and tart dried Cape Cod cranberries, and Mocha Buzz, with coarsely chopped beans from the Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, are finally available without the two-hour drive.

$3.89 at Foodie’s Urban Market, 1421 Washington St., Boston, 617-266-9911,; for all retail locations, go to