City Style: What's in Store: MiniLuxe

Battered nails come clean in Newton Centre.

Despite reports of fungi and bacteria lurking in nail shanties (and even upscale spas), most of us turn a blind eye in favor of glossy fingers and toes. Not Jill Kravetz: The Newton native has spent the past year launching über-hygienic nail salon MiniLuxe, with plans to open more than 200 in the next few years. MiniLuxe de-germs its clippers with hard-core sterilization machines, unwraps new files and buffers for each client, and trades bacteria-hoarding whirlpool tubs for standard sinks. Thankfully, the mood is still more day spa than doctor’s office, with high ceilings and plush chairs. There’s no “Pick-a-color! Pick-a-color!” upon arriving, though the technicians do vent about infections and deaths (!) caused by other salons, and take their sweet time (our visit lasted two hours). But we left happy—and only 50 bucks in the hole—with flawless nails and a clean conscience. —Blythe Copeland

792 Beacon St., Newton Centre, 617-332-9200,