City Style: Bloom Town

Hit the ground running with a batch of ready for planting, city friendly flower bulbs.

Gardening traditionalists will tsk-tsk that you’ve missed the chance for bulbs, that you should’ve planted last fall, that you’re fated for a flowerless summer. Fight the power. Unlike tulips and daffodils, which need six months underground, collar dahlia bulbs promise nearly instant gratification: Plant them now and you’ll see rich blooms by July.

While standard dahlias’ petals spread as wide as a salad plate, the new petite versions grow to a more manageable saucer size, making them perfect for window boxes and freestanding planters. Upbeat color combos include scarlet with a canary center. See?
Procrastination can be quite satisfying. —Rachel Baker

Collar dahlia bulbs, $54 for 12, Mahoney’s Garden Center, 449 Western Ave., Brighton, 617-787-8885,