City Style: Get This: Silver Bags

Subtle is so last season. Electrify your warm-weather look this month with a statement carryall in a starry sheen.

As the glow of spring gives way to the bright light of summer, make the most of those rays with a tote that’s at once sleek, comfortable, and blindingly chic. Taking cues from the brand’s 1950s-era hobo, Gucci’s update on its classic Indy bag features down-to-earth details like sanded bamboo beads and a handcrafted silver-beechwood handle that help ground such modern accents as supple leather tassels, sterling grommets, and, of course, that futuristic hue. The Italian fashion house is just one of this season’s forward thinkers making the shift from the warmer metallics of recent years to space-age silver: Among others, Jimmy Choo, Longchamp, and Yves Saint Laurent offer standout handbags in fresh, versatile finishes that promise to replace the dingy boat tote as Boston’s preferred summer carryall. —Leah Melby