Women at Work

Mark Pollack's latest textile collection is inspired by the work of female artisans throughout centuries.

Inspired by the work of female artisans throughout centuries, Mark Pollack’s latest textile collection, a collaboration with Rhode Island School of Design, is titled “Women’s Work: A Common Thread.” Pollack, co-owner of a New York-based textile company of the same name, and his team combed through the archives of the RISD Museum (he’s a RISD alum) and found ideas in pieces—all created by women—ranging from a 1920s silk velvet dress to a Greek 18th-century cushion cover. They translated the original spirit of the historic items into contemporary fabrics for the home, and the playful interpretations include Astrology (a jacquard upholstery fabric) and Fringe Benefits (a window fabric). An Ottoman Turkish towel depicting a river landscape was the springboard for Peachy.

The designer envisions his fabrics being used in a multitude of ways in the home. “Dazzle makes dazzling drapery,” says Pollack. “Darcy would make upholstered headboards—it’s perfect for tight upholstery, benches and wallcovering. Fringe Benefits is for pillows, bedspreads, someone even mentioned lamp shades.” Designers, says Pollack, have responded enthusiastically, not only to the decorative potential of the collection, but the social aspect in which the designs are grounded.

“I hear great things about it,” he says. “Women say, ‘It makes me feel so proud that you’re telling this story.’ It feels very gratifying.”

Available at Donghia Showrooms, Boston Design Center, Boston 617-574-9292, donghia.com