Tips and Tricks

A few tips from our expert shutterbugs.

Nail down the overall budget. Don’t stretch to get the photographer you want, but then run out of cash for the reprints you need. Ask about add-ons, like retouching, which can increase the price.

Get used to being photographed and forget about it. The pros will edit out unflattering shots. And don’t feel the need to pose constantly. “The photographer will get your attention if she wants you to pose and smile,” says Corinne Schippert, owner of Corinne Schippert Photography in Arlington.
Use a professional makeup artist. Or at least do a run-through with one. “And don’t pile it on,” says Laura Pineda, co-owner of Alternate Angles in Boston and Newport. “You want to look like yourself.”

Keep pre-ceremony pics stress-free. “If your family members push your buttons, don’t have them there before the ceremony,” says Pineda.
Be mindful of the room set-up. Tightly spaced tables and tall flower arrangements can make the photographer or videographer’s job more challenging.
Don’t do table shots. “People are missing, or someone’s eating, or you have to ask half of them to move so you don’t get their backs,” says Rosemary Jenseth, videographer and co-owner of AfterImage Productions in Belmont.

Splurge on two shooters if you can. It’s better coverage, plus it gives equal time to the groom and his family.

Mention your sensitivities. If you think your nose looks better on Barbra Streisand, or you’re feeling less-than-buff, mention it. Photographers have a line on the angles to make you look your best.