Bridal Bouquet: Search Party

Go on a wedding-themed scavenger hunt.

What if you were in a race with your girlfriends to find an enormous cucumber? Where would you go first? How about locating three types of rings, other than the kind that goes on your finger?

These are the kinds of challenges that are issued during WATSON ADVENTURES’ “Bride-n-Go-Seek Hunt,” which is just what it sounds like—a scavenger hunt—except that the list of objects and photos is tailor-made for guests at your bachelorette party, and each has something to do with your wedding—or you.

To pull off a hunt, your maid-of-honor works with a salesperson from Watson to decide how much she wants to customize the challenges and to choose a location. Watson will recommend a neighborhood that’s walkable and well-populated, such as Cambridge, Newbury Street or Faneuil Hall. Everyone picks a place to meet (usually a bar or someone’s apartment), and after two hours of searching, the teams meet up and compare finds. A Watson rep is there at the beginning to explain the rules and set the mood, and at the end to score the results.

“There should be a lot of bars and a lot of stores around,” says Julie Jacobs, Watson’s sales and marketing director, “because you’re looking for objects you might have to solicit from people.” You’re also looking for people. One standard challenge is to procure a picture of a guy who closely resembles the groom. (Watson provides Polaroids or digital cameras.) “During one hunt,” says Jacobs, “a team found the actual groom.” They won.

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