Old Is the New Green

Eco chic is all the rage. But as these very different case studies show, the best way to stylishly protect the planet isn’t to build a new, energy-efficient palace—it’s to improve upon what you’ve already got.

Advanced Addition

When a retired Hingham couple wanted more elbow room, living in a historic house didn’t rule out lofty ambitions.

Remaking History

A young family painstakingly restores a Federalist home in Newburyport, keeping its heritage in mind—and intact.

A Philistine in the Shingle Museum

The bumper stickers read “Gut Fish, Not Houses.” And as the Nantucket homeowner who helped inspire them has learned, in some historic neighborhoods, your remodeling team had better include a good lawyer.

Rescue Mission

Reusing antique building materials offers a forest-friendly alternative to modern resources

Knowing Your Way Around the Block

By filling your house with smart antique buys, you can show off your good taste and save the earth in the bargain.

Place Your Bids

A guide to auction hot spots around Greater Boston and beyond.