In the Groove

One Revolutionary Turntable

After a glass (or four) of cabernet, how often have you wanted to spin an LP of “Autumn in New York” or “Smoke on the Water” to hear the snap, crackle, and pop of the original vinyl? But while your records are gathering dust in the basement, your record player is long gone. Rekindle your love for analog with the Pro-Ject Debut III, a sleek, manual turntable that looks at home in the modern abode and comes in seven high-gloss, primary-colored versions for those who want to show off their fine taste in audio gear. Techies will appreciate the felt-covered steel platter and stainless steel axle in a brass bearing housing. True audio freaks can also pick up an electronic “Speed Box” from Pro-Ject that electronically stabilizes and fine-tunes the turntable’s playing speed. And the rest of us can just sit back and chill with the tunes. $300, Music Direct,