The Accidental Environmentalist

Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style // Sourcebooks // By Christie Matheson

You buy organic veggies, recycle your water bottles, and take the T when you can. What next? You could start with Boston Home contributing editor Christie Matheson’s new book, Green Chic. She’s just like you and me: smart, stylish, and a bit alarmed about the environmental forecast. So she wrote the book to show how slight alterations to our daily routine can make us better Earth citizens and healthier people to boot. It’s sensible, practical advice, like doing the wash in cold water, using cotton hankies instead of tissues, and turning off lights when leaving the room. She also discusses all those strange ingredients in makeup, cleaning products, and food, carefully explaining—without condescension—why we should give a damn.

$13, Brookline Booksmith.