Double the Pleasure

Are couples’ spa treatments romantic—or just plain awkward? One uninitiated pair vows to find out during an hour-long massage at Newbury Street’s luxe Emerge Spa & Salon.

THE SETTING: Upon entering the spa, we head to different changing and waiting areas. We don’t see each other until our therapists collect us and lead us to the spacious two-bed treatment room.

SHE SAYS: “Splitting up felt odd—I exit the ladies’ lounge and suddenly, there he was, looking like a Karate Kid extra in a black robe.”

HE SAYS: “There was basketball playing on TV in the men’s waiting area, which was cool! It was pretty funny when they showed us to the massage room and closed the door so we could disrobe. It was like, ‘Okay, guys, get naked.'”

THE SERVICES: Two female masseuses, Gidget and Deb (seriously), start in on our 60-minute massages. He gets a deep tissue, while I prefer smooth, sweeping strokes.

SHE SAYS “We can hear each other breathing. It’s soothing and comforting.”

HE SAYS: “Having your fiancée in the room erases any weirdness with the therapist, and I feel free to groan when she hits a knot. She has no problem giving my butt a rubdown.”

THE AFTERMATH: We groggily leave the treatment room and head upstairs to the coed lounge. For another half hour, we sip tea, read, and relax.

SHE SAYS: “This is my favorite part—just enjoying each other’s company. It’s very romantic.”

HE SAYS: “Great space. I wonder if we can rent out this lounge for a party…” Emerge Spa & Salon, 275 Newbury St., Boston, 617-437-0006,