Lashing Out


During a surprisingly relaxed afternoon at LuxLash, a technician patiently glues individual synthetic extensions to each of my existing lashes while I nod off. I wake to new lashes so long they brush against my glasses. I never wear much mascara, so my stunning, full look is a bit of a shock to my roommate (who won’t stop staring), my brother (who says I remind him of Jennifer Grey in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), and my parents (who giggle every time they see me). But on the morning of the wedding, it takes me just 15 minutes to do my makeup, and I feel like a starlet.


LuxLash claims that with proper maintenance, the lashes will last two months. A detailed instruction sheet tells you how to keep them that long. Avoid shampoo and harsh cleansers and makeup remover. Don’t put your face under the shower, rub your eyes, or get the extensions wet for the first 24 hours. Don’t use waterproof mascara (though the tear-prone may use it for their ceremonies). I’m vigilant for three weeks, but eventually my patience wears thin. I lose my last lash the day we return from the honeymoon. And just like that, my bridal days are over.


LuxLash, 232 Newbury St., Boston, 617-587-5274,; Forever Young Skin, 873 Worcester Rd., Wellesley, 978-525-6103,



If pricey extensions aren’t your bag, you can still get long, lush lashes from a tube. After swiping on 15 new mascaras, we found five that did the job without clumping or flaking out.

1. Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain
Two brushes make it easy to reach even the shortest lashes. $35, Sephora, Prudential Center, Boston, 617-262-4200,
2. Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft Waterproof
For fluttery length without smudging, this is one mascara that lays it on thick. $7.50, Walgreens, 841 Boylston St., Boston, 617-236-8130,
3. Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension
Made with fibers that build on each other, it gradually adds length. $23, Shu Uemura, 130 Newbury St., Boston, 617-247-3500,
4. Lancôme High Definicils
Its slim comb creates a baby-doll look. $23, Macy’s, 450 Washington St., Boston, 617-357-3000,
5. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes
These glamour-girl lashes turned a DiorShow-addicted staffer into a Tarte fan. $18, Sephora.

Trade Secrets: Whichever product you choose, take cues from Shu Uemura makeup artist Dani Wagener: “Wipe excess product off on the edge of the tube. Then apply mascara to the base of the lashes while wiggling the wand to create the illusion of volume.” –Donna Garlough