Fall/ Winter 2008: The Experts

The Messenger
The right invites make a chic statement. The wrong ones fall flat, or simply cost a bundle. A stationer talks about finding your style—and pushing the envelope. Plus, easy invitation shopping for busy brides.

The Mixologist
Two parts vodka, one part panache: A veteran bartender spills on what it takes to achieve reception success. Plus, tricks for keeping the costs down without seeming like a cheapskate.

The Groove Master

Two left feet? Worry not. A little prep can go a long way in making you and your partner smooth as silk on the dance floor. See a four-part plan for first-dance success.

The Lighting Guru

Ballroom or barn, mansion or garden, every setting can be made magical with a stellar lighting scheme. Plus, tips for staying bright and beautiful.

The Couturier
Offbeat style, low-end budget, junk in the trunk…no matter the challenge, Ana Hernandez swears there’s a dress out there for you. Plus, her top sartorial tips for your big day.

The Therapist
Marriage therapy before the marriage? It exists—and it works. One local counselor shares her tips on marriage shock, feuding parents, and cold feet. Plus, tips for keeping the wedding beast on a leash—and your relationship intact.