Hot Shots

Even if you’re not a natural on camera, the right moves can help you look the part.

The Kiss

wedding photography

For “aww”-inspiring shots, pucker up often. “A real kiss is everyone’s goal,” says Boston-based photographer Bryce Vickmark. “If it’s a posed shot, you’ll always know it when you look back at the pictures.” In other words, no nervous little pecks (or forced makeout sessions). “Kiss randomly and often. Hold hands, hug, joke with each other-don’t be afraid to be openly affectionate. The more, the better.”

Bryce Vickmark Photography, 617-448-6758,

The Pose

wedding photography

To keep shots from looking stiff, let your guests know it’s okay to get close. “Anybody who gets near the bride is terrified of touching her dress,” explains photographer Patrick McNamara of Cape Neddick, Maine. “So they stand a foot away and lean forward. But you don’t want a lot of dead air between bodies. This goes for the groom, too. It’s better when the newlyweds lounge against each other and lean in. Not to sound cliché, but you want to see the love.”

Patrick McNamara Photography, 207-363-8474,

The Aisle

wedding photography

Looking at ease in the spotlight begins and ends with the eyes. “When people are coming down the aisle and their eyes catch the camera, their expressions totally change,” says Person + Killian Photography’s Jill Person. “When the bride is walking toward the groom, the couple should be looking at each other. It’s like everyone on the sides disappears. And then if they both start tearing up at the same time-that’s really nice.”

Person + Killian Photography, 251 Newbury St., Boston, 617-236-1662,

 The Cake

wedding photography

Veteran wedding photographer Cheryl Richards of Newport, Rhode Island, recommends placing the cake table in the center of the room (or in the middle of the dance floor) so it’s very visible and guests can gather around it. “This lets me get the reactions 0f the newlyweds and their invitees,” she explains. “I tell the bride and groom to cut a piece, feed each other, and then kiss at the end-it’s always a sweet shot based on emotions and the moment.”

Cheryl Richards Photography, 617-424-7760,