The Newlywed Nine

Think it’s tough to drop weight before the big day? Try keeping it off after saying “I do.”


Photograph courtesy of Istockphoto

Without motivational dress fittings to keep you healthy and fit, it’s easy for post-wedding pounds to add up. Jeannette Albee, a trainer at Boston’s Sports Club/LA, and Joanne Keaveney, a certified Fitcorp nutritionist, offer fitness dos and don’ts.

Don’t kick the habit: “Brides strive so hard to get into their dresses, but by the time they come back from their honeymoons, they’re no longer going to the gym two or three times a week,” says Albee. “Working out should remain a priority.”

Do find a new motivation: “People gain weight because they’re no longer on the market,” says Keaveney. “After all those years of Pilates and skinny jeans, there’s a sense of relief and comfort. That’s a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t inspire a goal to stay in shape anymore.” Try signing up for a race, which keeps you on a regular training schedule.

Do work out together: “Make a plan of action, then follow through,” says Albee. “You have to try not to sabotage each other, even unintentionally.” If you know your mate had pizza for lunch, suggesting you skip the gym and go out for Chinese doesn’t help. “One of you has to be the tough guy and say, we’re going to do this, even if just for half an hour.”

Don’t match your calorie intakes: “Women need to be careful not to compare their plate size to their husbands’,” says Keaveney. “If you’re cooking pasta, give him the big portion. Your needs are different-if you’re not careful, you’ll be eating 1,500 calories a night when you used to eat 500.”

Do try new workouts Albee recommends basketball, softball, tennis, or kayaking. “Playing together will teach you how to resolve conflicts.”

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