Triple Take

Wilkes Passage has attracted some of the city’s premier architects and designers, thanks to its South End locale. Three resident experts open the doors to their well-decorated lofts.

1313 Washington St., Boston
Built in 2002, the seven-story condo building contains 159 units.

Who He Is: Jeremiah Eck
What He Does: He’s a principal at Eck MacNeely Architects, as well as a landscape painter and author.
Where He Came From: A large house in Newton.
His Style: Old meets new. “I have a few 20th-century modern pieces, some older French pieces, and a few things from Design Within Reach.”
What He Changed: “I redid the floors, painted, and got a kitchen upgrade.”
How He Uses the Space: “I use it as a studio as well as an apartment.” Stainless-steel shelves from Metro Shelving act as space dividers and storage.
His Favorite Detail: Several French items from the now-closed home boutique, Voilà.
Why Wilkes Passage?: “I like the shape of the building and the sense of community here,” he says. “It has a nice, quiet, almost European quality.”

See inside Jeremiah Eck’s home.

Who She Is: Heather Wells
What She Does: She’s the owner of Heather G. Wells Architectural Interiors.
Where She Came From: A two-story brownstone apartment on West Newton Street.
Her Style: “For this space, it made sense to stay contemporary and add traditional touches throughout.”
What She Changed: Initially, she added hardwood floors. Later, she installed cabinetry “walls” to define spaces and redid the kitchen.
How She Uses the Space: “Being single and working all the time, I like coming home to an uncluttered space. I also love to entertain.”
Her favorite Detail: The four-poster bed, which she designed herself.
Why Wilkes Passage?: “I love that you can really do something architectural as well as decorative to the apartments.”

See inside Heather Wells’ home.

Who They Are: Keith LeBlanc and Kelly Monnahan
What They Do: LeBlanc is a principal at Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture; Monnahan is the principal of Kelly Monnahan Design.
Where They Came From: A brownstone just a block away.
Their Style: Sleek and contemporary, according to Monnahan, who did the interiors.
What They Changed: They added a guest bathroom, and a wall between the kitchen and bedroom.
How They Use the Space: “It’s like a working portfolio,” says Monnahan, who often brings clients over. “We have a home in Truro,” says LeBlanc, “so being here is about keeping it simple.”
Their Favorite Detail: “I like how the concrete floors flow from room to room,” says Monnahan.
Why Wilkes Passage?: “It was right where we wanted to be.”

See inside Keith LeBlanc and Kelly Monnahan’s home.