Sound of Music

The past 20 years have ushered in a generation of gadgets that solve age-old design quandaries—like how to avoid sacrificing half your living room to a hulking audio system. One such invention, the SONANCE KAYAK (1), is a single speaker that produces stereo-quality sound. Thanks to a reflector that bounces aural vibrations across the room, the 2 1/2-foot-tall Kayak produces up to 60 watts of noise power without hogging space. Of course, an updated sound system deserves better than an outdated turntable. With a sophisticated suspension tower to control vibrations and reduce skips and pops, the ORACLE DELPHI MKV (2) bears little resemblance to clunky ’70s-style players. But before you pump up the volume, consider the neighbors. Homeowners are now investing in professional soundproofing products like IAC NOISE-LOCK DOORS (3), sealed and foam-filled for guilt-free midnight listening. Sonance Kayak, $8,700 and up; Oracle Delphi MKV, $8,010; IAC Noise-Lock doors, $2,900 and up.