Ask a Native: Nancy Walls

How often do you get back to Cohasset?
My husband and I have a summer home in a neighboring town, so we come back to visit quite often. My kids love it back there. They spend most days on the beach, swimming, playing, eating candy. Lots of candy.

What’s your fondest childhood memory?
My favorite memory is pretty much everything.  As a kid it was a fantastic place to live.  We could ride our bikes to the beach, the town pool, downtown to the Paper Store (20 Main St., Acton, 978-263-2198).  We had a lot of freedom at a young age, and it was so much fun. My kids do not have that same luxury in Los Angeles. Here they will call Child Protective Services.

Where’d you go on your first date?
On my first date, I went to the Red Lion Inn (30 Main St., Stockbridge, 413-298-5545).  I probably ordered a cup of chowder and a Mountain Dew.

Where would you take Steve now?
I would take make my husband to Bridgeman’s in Hull (145 Nantasket Ave., Hull, 781-925-6336). Great food, great ambiance and a great view.

What do you miss most?
What I miss most is the safe feeling of living in a small town where everybody knows you, your family and what you ate for breakfast. 

What I don’t miss is living in a small town where everybody knows you, your family, and what you ate for breakfast.

What’s one local food experience everyone must try?
I love the toasted, meatless subs from The Cohasset Pizza House (130 King St. Ste 3A, Cohasset, 781-383-6262).  My husband often questions why I want to eat an “air sandwich” but those who’ve had them will back me up on this. Steve really loves their steak and cheese subs. Delicous.

I’m a terrible cook, but I make very good lobster salad. I go to the Brant Rock Fish Market in Marshfield (267 Ocean St, Marshfield, 781-834-6231) for the lobster meat and then run to the Brant Rock Market for their potato pack.  They also have really good fried chicken.

Any insider tips to share with visitors?
If you’re in Cohasset, you have to stop at J.J’s (140 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy, Cohasset, 781-383-1880) on 3A for ice cream.  They also make an outstanding grilled cheese with tomato. Also, you must take a drive down Jerusalem Road.  It’s the prettiest road in the prettiest town in America.

What should someone never, under any circumstances, do in Cohasset? Why?
Never, ever call the South Shore Music Circus (130 Sohier St., Cohasset, 781-383-9850) the Music “Tent.” We are the Cohasset Skippers. Unless you’re actually from Cohasset, keep your comments to yourself, please.