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Cucumber-Yogurt Soup

The dried rose petals in this cold soup add floral notes and make for a beautiful presentation. (Available at specialty stores. Bina-Seibel recommends Super Hero’s in Watertown.)

2    c. peeled English cucumber (preferably
    seedless), shredded using box grater
3    c. plain yogurt
1    tsp. dried mint
1    tsp. dried oregano
1    tbsp. dried rose petals
1    tbsp. fresh chopped dill
1/2 c. currants (or small raisins)
1/2 c. walnuts, crushed

Place cucumber, yogurt, and 1 cup water in large bowl; whisk until smooth. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper. Stir in mint, oregano, ½ tablespoon rose petals, and dill. (If too thick, add more water.) Spoon into bowls and garnish with currants, walnuts, and remaining ½ tablespoon rose petals. Serves 8.

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