Eat Well, Spend Less

The Hub has never had more choices in cut-rate chow—but some values taste better than others. A smorgasbord of expert picks and sneaky strategies for the thrifty food-lover.

By Amy Traverso & Jolyon Helterman; with J. Kenji Alt, Donna Garlough & Brigid Sweeney

cheap eats in boston

Gremolata-spiked frites from the $5 bar menu at Fort Point’s Persephone. (Photograph by Sang An)

Three Value-Packed Tasting Menus
And why $40 is the new right price for a memorable meal.

How to Beat the Salad Bar Boondoggle
To find the least we could pay while still getting full, we built three salads and recorded the lessons learned along the way.

Penny-Wise Power-Dining
For our post-expense-account world, a bespoke meal deal for every kind of suit.

Grub Crawls
Chef-guided tours of the Hub’s top discount dining neighborhoods.

Two Family-Style Specials to End a Feud For
When the restaurant has you serving yourself, your wallet goes home happy.

How to Stave Off Steakhouse Sticker Shock
You can still indulge in old-school grandiosity. Here’s how to indulge smarter.

The Wine Markup Showdown
We scoured area wine lists for some of the most (and least) generous prices on three favorite bottles. Because nothing runs up a bill like overpriced vino.

Six Spots for Eggs Over Easy, Not Overpriced
Why package-deal brunches rule.

Beyond Biggie Fries
Twenty-one superlative snacks for five bucks or less, plus a few freebies.

How to Dine at O Ya for a (Relative) Pittance
Your game plan for savoring chef Tim Cushman’s rarified bites for as little money as possible.

And Finally…Where to Blow the $$$ You Just Saved!
Craigie on Main offers a rare multicourse extravaganza for $80.