Remembering Edward M. Kennedy


April 2009: Every Legacy Needs an Architect
How sports agent Lee Fentress got the job of memorializing Ted Kennedy.

August 2008: Hear How He Roars
One way or another, Senator Ted Kennedy will be at the podium at this month’s Democratic National Convention—either as a lasting influence on his party’s rhetoric (think 1980), or as a statesman delivering one of the most memorable speeches of his career.

July 2004: Life of the Party
Why you need to care about Ted Kennedy again.

April 2000: State of Grace
Veteran political analyst Jon Keller explores how Ted Kennedy, once the seeming antithesis of his ultradevout mother, reinvented himself in a revered Catholic image: secular sinner who sought and found spiritual redemption.

October 1982: The Making of the Remaking of Edward M. Kennedy
Following his failed 1980 campaign for the White House, Kennedy is depicted as looking ahead to 1984 with a brand-new image: “Wishy-washy Charlie Brown transformed into dashing Prince Valiant.”

February 1979: Teddy’s Pleasure
In the lead-up to the 1980 presidential race, this article describes Kennedy riding a wave of popularity that troubles some in the Democratic party, most notably, President Carter.



August 2005: The Fall of Joan
Lying hurt, alone, and crumpled on a Boston sidewalk, Joan Kennedy had become the latest victim in the Kennedy family saga of tragedy and pain. 

January 1996: Joe Six-Pack
Amid rampant speculation that he may run for his late uncle’s Senate seat, we take a look back at the Joe Kennedy of a decade ago: a gubernatorial candidate with Egg McMuffin tastes and Camelot charisma.