Picture This: Engagement Photos

Stiffly posed engagement portraits are a thing of the past, but the “photojournalistic” look can take on many meanings. We sent real-life couple Alexis Miminos and Rich Derksthree wedding photographersen to with just one instruction: Stay in the South End.

Studio Noveau

engagement photos

Photographs by Studio Nouveau

“Funky” is how both Miminos and Derksen describe Studio Nouveau’s images. “If you’re looking for photographers who’ll put you in unconventional settings, definitely consider them,” says Miminos of Boston shutterbugs Lara Woolfson and Kate Harper. The couple explain that certain shots—like one of them kissing in front of a deer head at the Beehive bar—were fun but didn’t quite match their style, and didn’t particularly scream “engagement photo.” For less-traditional duos, though, that’d be just fine. 800-797-9344, thestudionouveau.com.

Scott Zuehlke Photography

engagement photos

engagement photos

Photographs by Scott Zuehlke Photography

Miminos welcomed the fresh attitude of Cambridge-based fashion and weddings studio Scott Zuehlke Photography. In fact, she believes Scott Zuehlke (who also took this story’s opening shot) captured them at their best, though Derksen has one quibble: While he likes how Zuehlke depicted “the architectural and industrial sides of the South End,” he wishes the shooter had given the pair a little more direction. “Alexis and I didn’t always know what he wanted us to do,” says the groom-to-be. 774-219-2757, scottzphotography.com.

Tirado Photography

engagement photos

Photographs by Tirado Photography

Married pair René and Melissa Tirado’s traditional approach “did a good job of capturing how we feel about each other,” says Miminos, who notes how Tirado Photography used light and shadows to create drama. The Peabody-based photogs’ complementary personalities (one’s quiet and calm; the other’s outgoing) created a comfortable shooting environment. The future bride’s parting comment? “At first, I didn’t like how specifically they told us to pose—but now that I’ve seen the pictures, I’m glad they did!” 978-536-5195, tiradophotography.com.