Boston Home Winter 2010: Covet: Susannah Haesche: vintage Swiss prints

As Boston Home‘s art director, Susannah Haesche knows design. Now she’s moving to New York for a dream job at O magazine—and there are two things she’s dying to bring along. While browsing Newbury Street’s International Poster Gallery, Haesche fell for a 1924 department store ad by Ernst Keller and a 1954 shoe ad by Peter Birkhauser. “Picking art should be based on a visceral feeling,” she says. “I had such an immediate reaction to these.” Since both artists are founding fathers of modern graphic design, Haesche adds, “they’re the reason I’m able to do my job.” At $500 and $950 respectively (plus custom framing that starts at $500), they’re beyond her budget, but a girl can still dream. “You can’t put a price on something so ridiculously cool, anyway,” she says.