Money 2010

In this era of economic anxiety, the question of how your paycheck stacks up looms larger than ever. A shameless accounting of who's making what — and how they're spending it.

Photo illustration by Stephen Webster

Photo illustration by Stephen Webster

Being the Proper New Englander that you are, you have no interest in talking about money. None. But admit it: You’re still awfully curious about your neighbor’s paycheck. With that in mind, we scoured IRS and SEC filings, plundered public databases, checked job listings, searched news archives, and made plenty of uncomfortable phone calls, all to bring you an unabashed look at what Bostonians are earning these days — from titans of industry to the guy at Dunkin’ Donuts.*

The Salary Survey
A definitive list of who is making what around this city.

What It Costs to Live in Boston
From healthcare to taxes to electricity.

A Brief History of Money in Boston
Starting at year 1638.

So…Is It Cool to Complain Yet?
The case for acrimony as an economic indicator.
By Joe Keohane

Can We Keep This Recession from Killing Our Lives?
In this age of anxiety, the financial therapist has never been busier.
By Alyssa Giacobbe

Could I Be Suffering from a Case of Layoff Envy?
Maybe those who got the ax were the lucky ones. How to stay sane in a workplace gone mad.
By Alyssa Giacobbe

Nice Work if You Can Get It
Boston’s most overpaid workers.

The Richest Bostonians
And how they’ve fared in the downturn.


*We included bonus pay and stock rewards in the salary total when they contributed heavily to an individual’s annual compensation. Otherwise, only the annual salary is listed.