Money 2010

In this era of economic anxiety, the question of how your paycheck stacks up looms larger than ever. A shameless accounting of who's making what — and how they're spending it.

The Salary Survey


William H. Swanson, chairman and CEO, Raytheon: $23.2 million

First-year associate, management consulting firm: $60,000

Carol Meyrowitz, president and CEO, TJX: $6.6 million

Executive assistant, downtown firm: $55,000–$65,000

Ronald L. Sargent, chairman and CEO, Staples: $19.2 million

Joseph M. Tucci, chairman, president, and CEO, EMC: $6.3 million

Colin Angle, chairman and CEO, iRobot: $642,757

Paul Sagan, president and CEO, Akamai: $4.6 million

Richard M. Feldt, chairman, president,and CEO, Evergreen Solar: $1.9 million

Paul Gaynor, CEO, First Wind Energy: $1.5 million

David Vieau, president and CEO, A123 Systems: $710,312

Ronald Logue, chairman and CEO,State Street Corporation: $7.7 million

James Koch, chairman, Boston Beer Company: $409,475

Accounting manager, financial services firm: $75,000–$95,000

Trudy F. Sullivan, president and CEO, Talbots: $5.7 million



Bartender, Sunset Grill: $45,000

Server, Toro: $60,000

Driver, American Taxi: $25,000–$30,000

Bike messenger, City Express: $32,000

Mechanic,Hogan Tire & Auto Service Center: $45,000–$55,000

Store manager, 7-Eleven: $35,000–$40,000

Bouncer: $12/hour

Dog walker: $24,000

Counter worker, Dunkin’ Donuts: $8.25/hour

Barista, Starbucks: $8.25/hour

Ice cream scooper, J. P. Licks: $8/hour

Assistant store manager, Modell’s Sporting Goods: $35,000–$40,000

General manager, Finagle a Bagel: $35,000–$45,000

Personal trainer, FitCorp: $40,000

Masseuse: $48,000

Manicurist: $40,000

Hairdresser: $65,000–$85,000



Billy Starr, executive director, Pan-Mass Challenge: $543,592

Ophelia Dahl, president and executive director, Partners in Health: $74,127

Catherine D’Amato, president and CEO, Greater Boston Food Bank: $298,259

Joseph Raviele, director of warehouse operations, Greater Boston Food Bank: $82,355

Barry Shrage, president, Combined Jewish Philanthropies: $408,413

Michael Brown, CEO, City Year: $245,000

Paul Grogan, president and CEO, the Boston Foundation: $401,454

Joseph P. Kennedy II, chairman and president, Citizens Energy Corporation: $596,988


Health & Medicine

Elaine Ullian, president and CEO, Boston Medical Center: $1.5 million

Registered nurse, Massachusetts Department of Public Health: $64,795

James Mandell,CEO, Children’s Hospital: $1.4 million

Paul Levy, president, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: $946,535

Sales rep, biotech company: $120,000–$140,000

Gary Gottlieb, president, Brighamand Women’s Hospital: $1.2 million

Physical therapist, Core Medical Group: $60,000–$100,000

Edward Benz, president and CEO, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: $848,802

Ellen Zane, president and CEO, Tufts Medical Center: $1.9 million

Anthony Whittemore, chief medical officer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital: $721,095

Russell Phillips, chief, division of general internal medicine and primary care, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: $288,423

David DeMaso, chief, department of psychiatry, Children’s Hospital: $317,746

Richard Meelia, chairman, president, and CEO, Covidien: $1.1 million

Gregory Antoine, chief, department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Boston Medical Center: $471,078

Lab tech, Cambridge biotechcompany: $47,000


Arts & Culture

James Levine, music director, Boston Symphony Orchestra: $1.7 million

Sound engineer, music club: $16/hour

Keith Lockhart, conductor,Boston Pops: $752,036

Timothy Genis, timpanist, Boston Symphony Orchestra: $225,303

Booking agent, music club: $32,000–$35,000

Mikko P. Nissinen, artistic director, Boston Ballet: $321,623

Gisele Bündchen, model: $25 million

Malcolm A. Rogers, director, Museum of Fine Arts: $591,592

Jill Medvedow, director, Institute of Contemporary Art: $350,000

John Dayton, director of animalhusbandry, New England Aquarium: $104,647

Ioannis N. Miaoulis, president and director, Museum of Science: $377,744

Doris Drummond, CFO, Kennedy Library Foundation: $141,047

Steve Anderson, director of operations, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy: $96,000

Reporter, Boston Herald (five years’ experience): $58,248

Reporter, Boston Globe (five years’ experience): $64,912



Drew Gilpin Faust, president, Harvard University: $775,043

Susan Hockfield, president, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $808,698

Margaret Bledsoe, headmaster, Charlestown High School: $122,261

Lawrence S. Bacow, president, Tufts University: $572,571

William P. Leahy, president, Boston College: $0

Hassan Tehranian, chairman of the Carroll School Finance Department, Boston College: $351,172

Robert Brown, president, Boston University: $901,692

Joseph Aoun, president, Northeastern University: $589,663

Seth Alexander, president, MIT Investment Management Company: $795,960

Jack Wilson, president, University of Massachusetts: $425,000

Janitor, University of Massachusetts: $31,262

Patricia Meservey, president, Salem State: $200,000

Kerry Brennan, headmaster, Roxbury Latin: $201,000

Swimming instructor, Marshall Elementary: $79,873

Donald Lessard, professor of management, MIT: $597,154

Teacher, Boston Latin: $77,063

Cafeteria manager, Brighton High School: $41,636

Librarian, English High School: $80,846


Sports & Recreation

J. D. Drew, right fielder, Boston Red Sox: $14 million

High school baseball umpire: $75/game

Paul Pierce, forward, Boston Celtics: $20 million

Derek Kellogg, head basketball coach, University of Massachusetts: $215,000

Zdeno Chara, defenseman, Boston Bruins: $7.5 million

Tom Brady, quarterback,New England Patriots: $8 million

Ticket broker, Ace Ticket: $55,000

Shalrie Joseph, midfielder, New EnglandRevolution: $450,000

Jeff Larentowicz, midfielder, New England Revolution: $34,650

Guy Morse, executive director, Boston Athletic Association: $220,844

Walter Sullivan, chairman, Massachusetts Racing Commission: $120,000

Golf starter, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation: $16,763

Game biologist, Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game: $54,554



Margaret Marshall, chief justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court: $151,239

Daniel Ryan, chief probation officer, Massachusetts Trial Court: $102,947

Law clerk, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court: $55,446

Trial attorney, Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel: $98,957

Daniel Conley, district attorney, Suffolk County: $148,843

First-year associate, Ropes & Gray: $160,000

Paralegal downtown Boston firm: $50,000–$65,000

Professor, Harvard Law School: $252,450 (average salary)

Professor, Northeastern Law School: $162,775 (average salary)

Peter St. Amand, superintendent, MCI Cedar Junction: $107,707

James DiPaola, sheriff, Middlesex County: $123,209


Public Service

John Kerry, U.S. senator: $174,000

Michael Capuano, U.S. Congressman: $174,000

Deval Patrick, governor: $140,535

Timothy P. Cahill, state treasurer: $130,916

Robert DeLeo, MassachusettsSpeaker of the House: $61,440

Toll collector, Massachusetts Turnpike: $64,060

Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston: $175,000

Michael Kineavy, chief of policy and planning, mayor’s office: $147,903

Edward Davis, commissioner,Boston PoliceDepartment: $179,096

Roderick Fraser, commissioner,Boston Fire Department: $179,096

John C. Lewis, chief operating officer, MBTA: $111,000

State trooper, Massachusetts Turnpike: $149,666

Police lieutenant, Boston Police Department: $148,293

Gravedigger, City of Boston: $39,545