Boston Home Winter 2010: One Great Room: White Heat

A nickel-plated brass side table is sturdy but unobtrusive. Its silvery finish reflects the space’s rich textures. Minotti, $1,808.
Two basket-seat chrome chairs come with deerskin throws that complement the room’s various fur accents. Their low profile leaves the view unobstructed. Minotti, $3,200.
This sofa’s light color and low back ensure it doesn’t dominate its surroundings. Minotti, $13,000–$18,000.
Using two small tables rather than a single large one allows for better flow. Glass tops and high-gloss white finish amplify the room’s reflective theme. Minotti, $2,400–$3,500 each.
A dark-hued goatskin rug contrasts with the smooth marble floor and white décor. Minotti, from $3,800.
This piece by renowned photographer Jill Greenberg, purchased from the Guy Hepner Gallery in L.A., is serene yet unexpected. Epson print, $18,300.
A tall, curving Arco lamp plays off the straight lines of the windows and couch. By day, its chrome surface reflects natural light; by night, the lamp casts an ambient glow. Flos, $3,370.
No furniture abuts the real focal point—the floor-to-ceiling windows—so visitors can admire the city skyline.
The walls were finished in Venetian stucco to give the room a sense of depth.
Off-white and brown accessories break up the huge sofa and invite lounging. The half-shearling, half-cashmere throw is pure decadence. Throw, Minotti, $4,600.