Remy Returns … and Launches a New Restaurant, Too

The beloved Sox announcer talks about his new bar, Remy's, and life after last season's cancer scare.

First there was the RemDawgs concession stand at Fenway Park, and then you opened a bar at Logan Airport. Looks like you’re building an empire. There’s no question the plan is to expand throughout New England. The focus now is on the Boylston location. Even if we expand, it will be the crown jewel.

Will RemDawgs be available? Yeah, there’ll be some hot dogs — I’m not sure what they’ll be called — but also steak and lobster. We want to be known as a great spot to get a bite to eat regardless of whether there’s a game. Our chefs are top-notch.

What else sets Remy’s apart from the other Fenway bars? Our audio-visual is going to be second to none. We have two huge 6-by-11-foot screens and 60-inch screens all over the place.

Have to ask: How are you feeling? Fine, fine, fine. I’m in good shape. I’m happy to be back for a full season.

And what about the team’s shape? I worry whether they have enough offense, but pitching and defense should be outstanding. The pitching staff is as good as I can remember. I’d say they have a strong chance to win more than 90 games.