Striped Bass with Olives, Fennel, Lemon, and Tomatoes

Rather than cooking the bass directly on the grill, Parsons steams it in a foil pouch with chardonnay. Not only does this seal in the flavors, it also results in moist, flaky fish.

Butter, for greasing
3 lb. striped bass loin, boned and skin removed
1 bulb fennel, top removed and thinly sliced
1/2 c. kalamata olives, seeded
1 lemon, thinly sliced
1/2 c. chardonnay
1 c. baby tomatoes, peeled
1 1/4 c. extra-virgin olive oil
1 bunch arugula (about 2 cups)
1/4 c. lemon juice
Fleur de sel

Lay out a large piece of aluminum foil and grease with butter to prevent sticking. Season bass with kosher salt on all sides and place on the center of the foil. Arrange sliced fennel, olives, and lemon slices over the bass and season with kosher salt. Fold up the sides of the foil to form a “boat” around the fish (to help catch the steaming liquid). Add chardonnay and close the foil securely around the fish, forming a sealed packet. Place foil packet on a hot grill for 12 minutes.

While the bass is cooking, poach the tomatoes. Place in a small saucepan with enough olive oil to cover them (about 1 cup). Set pan on the hot grill and let tomatoes cook until warmed through, about 6 minutes.

Remove the fish from the grill and allow it to rest for 3 minutes on a serving plate. To serve, carefully tear open the foil pouch from the top. Spoon poached tomatoes around the bass, and arrange arugula on top. Drizzle with 1/4 cup olive oil and lemon juice, and sprinkle with fleur de sel and cracked pepper.

Serves 6.