Lasting Lashes

Considering going faux? Local makeup artist Dani Wagener reveals the secrets to applying fluttery — not phony-looking — fakes.

Photograph by Corbis

Photograph by Corbis

A big misconception is that people will be able to tell your lashes aren’t real. In fact, false ones can create a more natural look than clumpy mascara. “If they’re applied properly, you can’t see them. You just look like you have a thicker lash line,” Wagener says. Best of all? No running mascara.

For flawless application, Wagener curls and very lightly coats the real lashes with mascara, which serves as a base for the false lashes and helps them blend with what you already have. Don’t do it the other way around: “If you curl the false lashes once they are applied, they’ll bend,” she says.

Wagener prefers individual lashes over full strips for the most authentic look; you can get them at Sephora or even CVS. Applying a few temporary lashes on the outer corner of the eyes will add a little extra volume. If you want a dramatic look, apply 10 to 30 along the entire lash line. “Individual lashes come in different lengths, so choose carefully,” Wagener explains. “Never cut the lashes, or you’ll end up with unnatural-looking tips.”

“Your wedding day is not the time to experiment,” Wagener says. If possible, learn from an expert first, and do trial runs at your bachelorette party and bridal shower. Even if the results are disastrous, at least those photos won’t be archived for eternity.