Ask The Experts: The Face Maker

On the big day, your groom won't focus on anything but your eyes, lips, and smile. Enlist a pro to make you glow, and the rest is just added oomph.

makeup artist

Photograph by David Yellen

Do you recommend that the makeup artist stay throughout the reception?
It’s really preferable. The bride is the host of the party, and guests hug her so hard and so much that touchups are in demand every couple hours. And if you’re getting married outside, I have to stay. I’ve gotten myself into situations where the bride comes off the windy beach, and it’s like, What happened? So we fix it in just a few minutes. Also, if you change dresses during the night, you should change your makeup. Just an adjustment — it should take no more than 20 minutes, max.

What are some common mistakes?
The worst thing is for someone to compliment your makeup. That means it’s wearing you, and it should be the other way around. You should not be too trendy — or trendy at all — with makeup. You want to be timeless and natural. You want to look at your photos in 10 years and not be able to peg the decade.

What if a bride lacks a huge budget for makeup?
Splurge as much as you can. You don’t want to regret it. Some brides say they can’t afford makeup, yet they hire Winston for the flowers. Just think about it. Because you don’t want to regret it. And that goes for every other part of the wedding, too. The main thing is that you trust your vendors. If you trust your vendors — especially your makeup and hair experts — your wedding will be beautiful. And fun, because you won’t be worried about it.

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