Ask The Experts: The Shutter-Bug

Overly posed photos are as outdated as whalebone corsets. A former shooter for newspapers and magazines explains the reporter's approach.

wedding photographer

Photograph by David Yellen

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?
I love the time I get to spend alone with the bride and groom. Technically, it’s still during the portrait part of the day, but we’ve already sent the other members of the bridal party away. And by that point, the couple is done with the ceremony, so their nerves are settled. It’s so much fun for me! It’s just the three of us and I always have them walk around and be themselves.

What do you suggest couples do when they want a top-notch shooter but can’t afford one?
For the most part, every good photography studio in the Boston area has an option to use someone who’s not as expensive. My second lead photographer — the shooter who assists the primary photographer at weddings — has been with me for four years, and his packages cost about $2,000 less.

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