Summer Fun

33 ways to enjoy the Hub this season.

So You Wanna…Get a Drink Outside

Something’s always felt un peu forced about the Frenchiness of this stylized Provencal eatery – akin to Alex Trebek broguing the word “baguette.” Happily, the gorgeous updated waterfront patio offers a haven from the gauntlet of gilded fleurs-de-lis, not to mention a remarkably deep selection (16 by the glass!) of thirst-quenching roses. 510 Atlantic Ave., Boston, 617-217-5151,

The Italians invented al fresco (or, er, at least that name for it), and sipping aperitivi on Coppa’s sidewalk patio is as authentic a sul mare experience as you can get without turning Shawmut Avenue into a rocky coastline. Orange umbrellas and electric-blue furniture add a burst of pizzazz to the block, and we endorse anything that nearly doubles the seating capacity at this hot spot. 253 Shawmut Ave., Boston, 617-391-0902,


One-up the time-honored Hub tradition of ogling hapless tourists from some perch along Newbury. From the comfy couch on one end of Bina’s patio, there are unobstructed views of the entrance to the celeb-studded Ritz and the mating-gamesters entering and exiting the Sports Club/L.A. Bonus: You can order booze without food. 581 Washington St., Boston, 617-956-0888,


When Jody Adams decided to open her upscale ristorante‘s outdoor oasis, we figured it wouldn’t involve pony kegs or stackable lawn chairs. Sure enough, the veranda turned out utterly refined, a plein-air paradise of mahogany, rattan, and postcard vistas. (Note to PBR fiends: You can make do with an ice-cold bottle of Peroni.) One Bennett St., Cambridge, 617-661-5050,

Al fresco frolicking comes in many flavors. And sometimes nothing quenches the thirst quite like that fifth cup of beer that’s colder than it is complex. Raucous and unpretentious, the Crab offers the same seascapes as hoity-toitier waterfront spots. 88 Sleeper St., Boston, 617-426-2722,

…And Maybe a Bite to Eat

Brunch at this Kenmore Square gem means duck confit hash, scarfed down at a very Parislike patio table and washed down with a mimosa. There’s no better way to start a Sunday. 528 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-532-9100,

A new petite patio makes this Provencal restaurant across from the Public Garden a favorite with ladies who lunch. The daytime menu’s light fare – quiches, nicoise salads, and roasted salmon – pairs perfectly with a carafe of rose. 272 Boylston St., Boston, 617-426-7878,

With a backdrop of twinkling white lights, the sound of Vespas buzzing down Tremont Street, and some of the most reliable New England bistro fare in town, this date-night staple is high on charm. If the evening goes well, you’re just steps from the Beehive, where super cocktails and late-night jazz await. 553 Tremont St., Boston, 617-423-2700,

Lydia Shire’s Italian spot in the Liberty Hotel is hot year-round, but doubly so when the 60-seat patio is open. It’s at its best once the early birds clear out and it takes on a more loungey, cocktail-y vibe. Order crisp pizzas, shareable “mozzarella bar” plates, and drinks; the full menu is available till 11 p.m. on weekends, with pizzas served till midnight. 215 Charles St., Boston, 857-241-1150,

The first time we spied this 80-seat patio at the Royal Sonesta hotel, we thought: This would’ve made an awesome pool deck. Where can you find better sun, breezes, and views of the river and skyline? Then dinner arrived, and between mouthfuls of handmade pasta and grilled lamb chops with smoked eggplant, we thanked our lucky stars that Dante came along instead. 40 Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge, 617-497-4200,