The Ultimate: Fried Chicken



There’s a fine line between pleasantly indulgent fried chicken — crisp-skinned, well seasoned, and yes, a little oily — and a greasy pile of LDL-raising grub. Highland Kitchen gets it right with its buttermilk-fried version, served only on Monday nights. A salty, slightly sweet, and crunchy coating envelops every piece of moist white and dark meat. Combined with sides like garlicky mashed potatoes, fluffy biscuits, and savory collard greens, this dish makes the first day of the workweek that much easier to stomach. 150 Highland Ave., Somerville, 617-625-1131,

SoulFire ****
With a dark, golden-brown exterior and intense crunch, this chicken
comes in a close second. The marinated meat gets a flavor boost from
aromatic herbs, but the pieces are a little on the greasy side. The side
of homemade pickles, however, is a nice touch.
182 Harvard Ave., Allston, 617-301-8210,

Summer Shack ***1/2
With four smaller-sized pieces, Summer Shack’s fried chicken plate is
lighter-and less guilt-inducing-than the rest. While it doesn’t deliver
a huge flavor explosion, it does make for a delightful lunch. Bonus: the
yummy potato salad.
50 Dalton St., Boston, 617-867-9955; 149 Alewife Brook Pkwy., Cambridge, 617-520-9500;

Trina’s Starlite Lounge***
Fried chicken and waffles sound like a decadent combo, but a soggy
waffle and too-heavy breast pieces spoil the fat-and-carb-loading fun.
3 Beacon St., Somerville, 617-576-0006,

Post 390 **1/2
Not even a pile of mayonnaise-heavy macaroni salad can save this heaping
plate of barely crisped, mostly bland chicken.
406 Stuart St., Boston, 617-399-0015,

The Plough & Stars **
This Irish pub serves a chicken and fish fry every Sunday night. Sadly,
though, oversalted chicken and collards leave you wanting nothing but a
glass of water.
912 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-576-0032,