Power: The Straight Scoop on Thirty-Five Gay Power Players

17. Dan Grabauskas
Likely next General Manager, MBTA
The first openly gay member of the Romney administration, Grabauskas is the former state secretary of transportation who’s now a frontrunner for the top job at the T.

18. David Collins and Michael Williams
Cofounders, Scout
Scout doesn’t ring a bell? How about its most popular creation, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? The Emmy-winning tszuj-fest has spawned British and Australian spinoffs and Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. The West Roxbury couple also produced Errol Morris’s The Fog of War, for which Williams won an Academy Award last year. Carson Kressley helped him pick out his Oscar duds. Can Jamie Foxx say that?

20. Peter Gomes
Pusey Minister and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals, Harvard University
A black, gay, Pilgrim-obsessed, Republican best-selling author, scholar, minister, and Plymouth native, Gomes was raised by a Cape Verdean cranberry bog worker and a Beacon Hill member of the New England Conservatory. He took part in the inaugural activities of presidents Reagan and Bush Senior and sits on boards all over town, including those at Roxbury Latin and the Museum of Fine Arts.

21. Arthur Finkelstein
Republican Strategist
North Shore resident Finkelstein is a campaign legend, known for his aggressive tactics and the liberal use of the word “liberal” employed as a pejorative. He’s also notoriously low-profile. When this magazine outed him in 1996, he was taken to task by media outlets and pundits for the perceived clash between his personal morality and his clients, including such social conservatives as North Carolina’s Jesse Helms. The Machiavellian mastermind reportedly has an anti-Hillary website in the works, www.StopHerNow.com.

22. Rebecca Haag
Executive Director, AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
Haag made a name for herself in the corporate world, including as a vice president at Burlington’s high-tech Wheelhouse Corporation, then left it two years ago to lead AIDS Action, which annually helps 2,500 people with AIDS. She and partner Mary Breslauer (number 13) moonlighted last year as models in an ad for the Brookline boutique the Studio, co-owned by Theo Epstein’s mom, Ilene.