Warm Brews: Recipes

As the weather chills and the leaves turn scarlet, Boston’s cocktail masters put away their summer tonics and offer a fresh host of warming fall beverages. Here’s a sampling of a few of our favorites, collected from some of the cities top bars, restaurants, and lounges.

Tom and Jerry
A dozen eggs
A pound of sugar
½ tsp each of freshly grated cinnamon, mace and allspice
¼ tsp of freshly grated clove
Per glass:
½ shot warmed Rum
½ shot of warmed Cognac

Separate the egg whites and yolks. Whip the whites with a pinch of tartar; separately, combine the yolks with sugar, spices and a small splash of rum — then fold into the whites. Per mug, add a generous dollop — or two heaping tablespoons — of the egg batter and mix in the rum and cognac. Sprinkle with fresh grated nutmeg.
Where to get it: Drink, 348 Congress St, Boston, 617-695-1806, drinkfortpoint.com

Élixir d’Auge
1 oz of Daron Calvados
1 oz of Benedictine
¾ oz of citrus-spice syrup, made from lemon juice, sugar water, and spices
3 oz warm water

Combine the Calvados, Benedictine and citrus syrup in a warmed brandy snifter, then add the water and swirl to mix.
Where to get it: Bergamot, 118 Beacon St, Somerville, 617-576-7700, bergamotrestaurant.com

Nashville Hot Toddy
1 ½ ounce spiced rum (Kilo Kai)
Hot Russian caravan tea
A twist of lemon
A cinnamon stick and a crystallized sugar rod

Combine tea with rum and lemon twist in a fine English teacup. Garnish with the cinnamon stick and stir with the sugar rod.
Where to get it: The Beehive, 541 Tremont St, Boston. 617-423-0069, beehiveboston.com