Warm Brews: Recipes

As the weather chills and the leaves turn scarlet, Boston’s cocktail masters put away their summer tonics and offer a fresh host of warming fall beverages. Here’s a sampling of a few of our favorites, collected from some of the cities top bars, restaurants, and lounges.

Body Heat Cider
A gallon of local cider
5 cinnamon sticks
5 tbsp dark brown sugar,
A clove-spiked, quartered orange

Per glass,
1 oz of Sailor Jerry’s Rum
½ oz – Fonseca Ruby Port
½ oz Apricot Brandy

Mull cider with spices, sugar and fruit for several hours before making; then combine in a mug with the brandy, port and rum. Garnish with a slice of clove-spiked orange.
Where to get it: The Noir Bar at the Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St, Cambridge, 617-661-8010, noir-bar.com


2 oz Markers Mark bourbon
Splash of blood orange juice
Dash of blood orange bitters
Splash of sweet vermouth
Splash of ginger beer
Splash of maraschino cherry liqueur

Combine ingredients in a lowball glass, stir once, and serve on the rocks.
Where to get it: Davio’s, 75 Arlington St, Boston, 617-357-4810, davios.com

Cioccolato Diablo
1 ½ oz Meletti Cioccolato
¾ oz Crème de Menthe
Hot steamed milk and foam to brim
A dusting of cayenne

Combine Meletti and Crème de Menthe in mug; add the steamed milk and top with froth. Dust with cayenne pepper and serve.
Where to get it: BiNA Osteria, 581 Washington St, Boston. 617-956-0888, binaboston.com

Click here for a slideshow of the drinks.