Hall Monitor

This month, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its latest class of inductees. Among the 15 performers and groups vying for canonization are Dorchester's own Donna Summer and the guys from the J. Geils Band, who first got together in Worcester. Here, we chart their chances of making the cut.

donna summer

Photo illustration by Jesse Lenz

Best known for: Working hard for the money; a great mane of ’70s hair.
Résumé Highlights: Nineteen number one dance singles; five Grammys; one Oscar-winning song.
Has Influenced: Pretty much anyone who’s made dance music since 1975.
Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Moments: Those 17 minutes of risqué moaning on “Love to Love You Baby”; using Michael Jackson on an album…as a backup singer.
Least Rock ‘n’ Roll Moments: Labeling her sexy disco work “sinful” upon becoming born-again in the ’80s; that duet with Babs.
Getting in?: Definitely. Only Madonna has had more dance hits (and she got inducted in 2008).

Best Know for: Blow-your-face-out concerts; great manes of ’70s hair.
Résumé Highlights: “Centerfold” was number one for six weeks; “Freeze Frame” hit number four.
Has Influenced: Generations of bad open-mike blues bands; Aerosmith haters.
Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Moments: Featuring a bassist called Dr. Funk and a harmonica player called Magic Dick; refusing to get the band back together.
Least Rock ‘n’ Roll Moments: Getting the band together to open for Aerosmith; not finding a badass alternative to “stinks.”
Getting in?: Nope. They’re considered rock legends around here — and pretty much only around here.