Q&A: Bridget Moynahan

Readers of the Inside Track may know her best as the ex of a certain “QB/QT,” but Bridget Moynahan has a booming career these days. She stars alongside Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck in CBS’s new police drama, Blue Bloods, and has a big movie coming out in March. We caught up with her to ask about those projects — and what it’s like sharing the screen with a legendary mustache.

Photograph by Andy Ryan/Corbis Outline

Photograph by Andy Ryan/Corbis Outline


Blue Bloods takes place in New York, but you and Donnie Wahlberg are from Massachusetts. Sorta funny, right? Yeah, I think Boston and New York have some similarities, especially in the types of people that come from those cities and their pride and strength.

You’re not allowed to say that. We’re supposed to hate them. I know. Donnie’s very adamant about not wearing New York baseball caps on the show. He’s a true Boston sports fan. He’ll throw down.

Tom Selleck plays your father. How’s it been working with him? It’s been great. He commands that paternal respect straight off the bat, so it’s been an easy relationship to fall into. You know, he’s an old-school gentleman, and it’s a pleasure to run into those every once in a while.

The real thing I wanted to ask was, What’s it like working with Tom Selleck’s mustache? Everybody’s so obsessed with it! Honestly, I don’t know why, other than he’s probably the one person who can still pull it off.

For me, it’s jealousy. I wish I could grow one like that. Well, you can try.

Yeah, I can try. Anyway, your character on Blue Bloods is an assistant district attorney. What can we expect from her? We’re still trying to get into our groove on the show, but she has a lot of dimensions that I’m hoping we can explore. She’s going through a divorce, becoming a single mother, struggling with a very challenging job. There’s a lot to play with there.

Do you tap into your personal life at all? I mean, I’m a single mom, a professional, and, yes, there’s a lot to go off.

Speaking of being a mom, I saw that you went to a Yo Gabba Gabba concert not too long ago. Have those always been a hangout for you? No! But that was really fun! I kinda dread those things, and it was super fun! And what’s his name — Biz Markie — I don’t know who this guy is, but he is awesome.

Are you guys big Yo Gabba Gabba fans in your household? No, but a lot of our friends are. I went to check it out, and now we can’t really get it out of our heads. It’s like they’re everywhere.

So you have a movie coming up called Battle: Los Angeles. I gather it’s about a battle in Los Angeles…. It’s a big action thriller with Aaron Eckhart, about a terrorist attack on the world by aliens. I can’t give the director enough props. It’s emotional. Which is ironic, because it’s aliens.

If you listen to Fox News, you’d think the aliens have already invaded L.A. — but I wouldn’t have expected this type of alien movie to get emotional. You had E.T., didn’t you? I know you cried during that!

Maybe. Now, can I ask how your son’s doing? My son’s doing great.

Do you know what you’re getting him for Christmas yet? Gosh, I have no idea. I think I have to wait for everything to come out and get inspired.

Any Tickle Me Whatevers or anything like that? No, gosh no, he’s way past that. He’s three.

So is that like figurines? Do you have kids?

No, no, no — thank God for them. So what’s he into now? Trains.

All right, put trains on the list.