Experts: The Gown Guru

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of a bride-to-be’s best moments. The salon manager of Back Bay’s Priscilla of Boston explains how to enjoy the process.

Which gown silhouettes are always popular?

The number one style is the mermaid. Next is the A-line, and then you go into the ball gowns.

How much will a dress typically run?
At our salon, we carry five brands. The Vineyard Collection ranges from just $1,200 to $2,675. But the average cost for most of our brides? Around $2,500. Of course, we have some lines that are a little bit more expensive, like our Platinum line. It really depends on how much opulence you’re looking for.

How many fittings does it take to make a gown fit like a glove?

It depends on the bride, but it usually takes three or four fittings. It’s not like you’re putting on jeans and running out the door — you can’t do everything at once, because you can’t address the details all at once. The first fitting is the pin set, where the seamstress pinches and pins the dress to a bride’s body so she can make the proper alterations. At the second fitting, we show brides how to do the bustle. Later, you make the small adjustments and tweak the details. But again, there might be more alterations, depending on the bride and her shape.

Surely you get tired of seeing girls in white dresses. What are those moments that make you love your job?

The best? The smiles and the tears that come when she decides on a gown. It’s my favorite part, because she is now in love with the dress. In fact, she is practically jumping out of the dress. And when we put the veil on? Oh, my God. I never get tired of it.

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