Ten Ways to Look Younger

Easy and (almost) painless ways to take a decade off your age. No knives, epic costs, or recovery time required. Yes, really.

Yes, we saved the best for last. There’s been significant research conducted about the relationship between sex and good health. From a reduced risk of heart attack and cancer, to bladder control, to an improved sense of smell, researchers have repeatedly linked humankind’s oldest pastime to
overall well-being.

But the biggest physical boost it offers, not surprisingly, is improving how you feel. “Indeed, good sex can save your life, and in the most efficient way,” says Dr. Aline Zoldbrod (better known as Dr. Z.), sex therapist at Winchester Hospital. “It can make you feel calm and centered when you’re stressed, feel energized when you feel lethargic, make you feel pleasure when you feel pain, and even make you feel young once your youth has fled.”

Mind you, not every roll in the hay is created equal. Dr. Z. is convinced that “hookup culture” sex is not likely to provide the same physiological benefits. “It’s kind of the difference between eating a gallon of generic-brand ice cream versus eating a smaller scoop of gourmet gelato. They’re both dessert, but if you have the quality scoop and savor it, that would make a memory that could make you smile long after the moment has passed.”

In her books, Sex Talk and Sex Smart, Dr. Z. emphasizes the importance of honest talking and mutual trust to help ensure a quality, beneficial sexual experience. And while hormones released during sex, such as oxytocin, adrenaline, and dopamine, might be the clinical cause of the renewed vigor and sense of contentment we feel afterward, Dr. Z. says the psychological benefits of good sex are equally important for staying younger longer. “When a person experiences a fulfilling sex life, they feel better about themselves and better about being alive,” she says. “At its core, youthfulness is aliveness.” Sign us up.